New Sperical Panorama - HMS Alliance

7th February 2012, 18:52
Hi all, I have just come across a new spherical panorama of HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. This is a full panorama of the engine room. It is an excellent piece of work, the view of which can be dragged using your mouse to see around a full 360 degrees. This one is not my work.


9th February 2012, 13:31
What an excellent panorama. On the same webpage there is also panorama of the control room.

I have never seen inside a submarine before, it is fascinating, as well as great technical images.

The thought of spending a few weeks in such a confined space, never more than 2ft from a hundred valves, or whatever, is horrifying.

I wish that I had access to places like that to take some panos :-(

20th February 2012, 13:01

Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you like them. I'll be adding more in the coming weeks...



20th February 2012, 23:39
They really are wonderful. I'll have to improve my technique / skills to be able to do anything quarter as good. Hope to get back to the Helwick Lightship once they re-open for the tourist season.

Regards Richard

6th December 2013, 13:02
I finally got around to adding another 360 view.,-25.60,70.0