Greetings from Southampton

13th July 2004, 22:31
Hi, I am a 34 year old ship enthusiast and photographer living in Southampton. My interests lie in contemporary merchant ships and I also like photographing them as well. I am ex-Royal Navy, but despite (or because of?!) that I am not that interested in the military stuff.

I am a member of the Thames Ship Society and the World Ship Society.
If you would like to take a look, my photos are on

14th July 2004, 10:22
Haven/t had a proper look at Southampton since 1988! I was there briefly in 2000 to join QE2 but various things dictated I had to go straight on board and just really saw the port from her deck.
There are certainly many changes since my days of wandering about courtesy of the old BTDB and their permits-remember those-a thing of the past nowadays with all the nasty things that go on now in the world.
There are big changes in container ships and passenger ships but it still looks a great place.Have had a quick look at your site and your shots are brilliant.Look forward to seeing more and I/ll definitely be taking a more detailed look at Ship Images!!

Bob S
15th July 2004, 21:34
Hi Shiplover,

Like you, I only became a member this week and coincidentally, have been working in the New Forest area all week and have managed to visit Hythe and Cowshot during the late afternoons. Not many ships about, a few container ships and car carriers, but they are great vantage points for photography on sunny afternoons.
Had a quick look at your site, look pretty good.

Bob S

16th July 2004, 20:13
For Cowshot Read Calshot