Solunto's research

Piero Casiglia
22nd January 2006, 11:32
Dear friends, the attached photo, which is coming from an Italian Government Agency, has been archived many years ago, under the name "SOLUNTO", without any caption or date. Probably the brigantine shown in the photo really represents this very ship, but to confirm this theory it is necessary to carefully analyze the picture. To do this, it's necessary to analyze closely the technical nautical aspect correlated to the period and to the landscape. I think also that it is opportune to indicate the following historical events:

A) - On July 18 and 19, 1886 the Solunto was in the mirror of sea in front of Genoa, to limit the field, during the organized sailing competition in honour of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoia.

B) - On February 8, 1887, following the Dogali incident, the Solunto sailed from Naples for Eritrea: it was requisitioned, together with about other ten ships, by the Italian Government, and was used to transport troops and materials. The program was completed after nine years (the Solunto, in the meantime, was demolished in 1900).

Your fair judgment will be greatly appreciated to responsibly complete the research.
I take advance of this opportunity to thank the following friends for their
contribution during the research:
Ruud, Doug Rogers, CROIXLMTUSA, Bruce Carson, Piero, fred henderson, tanker, michael james, John 236, John 2365, ernest, Emmesstee, marlinspike, and the others who I apologize if I forgot them.

Best regards
Piero Casiglia

fred henderson
22nd January 2006, 12:33
Good work Piero! The ship in the picture fits the brief description of her that I have.


Piero Casiglia
24th January 2006, 11:58
Good work Piero! The ship in the picture fits the brief description of her that I have.


Thanks dear fred, I hope to receive others appreciated observations.maybe
the message is not visible at all. I ask you advice, regards Piero Casiglia.

7th April 2006, 06:06
Mi sembra che sia proprio la salunto in riquardo al disegno che sta nel libro che ho visto nella bobioteca che ho solecitato nel'altro thread.Forse si e trovata la Solunta. Guglielmo Marconi.