Buy yourself a treat! Shaw Savill's Magnificent 7

24th February 2012, 09:32
If you sailed with SSA in the 50's or 60's - or just have an interest in life onboard a traditional Merchant Pax/Cargo Ship - then this book is a great read. All crew members duties at sea and in board are explained in detail with lots of interesting anecdotes. Also explained in great detail are the working of the ships engines and cargo gear. Plus life and work on board in the NZ and Australian Ports at this time. I look forward to the views of other SN members - some great pictures too.

24th February 2012, 15:38
ISBN No: and price would be appreciated.

24th February 2012, 15:49
Purchased from
Ships in Focus Publications
18 Franklands, Longton
Preston PR4 5PD
Price 25 sterling
ISBN 978-1-901703-60-3

27th February 2012, 09:13
got my copy and warmly recommend. I sailed with an ex-Runic officer after he was promoted to Athenic. I still remember some of his account and the photos he took on the reef.

12th March 2012, 02:13
great publication,saied in PERSIC & CORINTHIC,got my copy from vibex books
victoria oz.

12th March 2012, 16:03
Agree with above, very good book and well worth the money.
Purchased Shaw Savill & Albion A Fleet History in January. Published by World Ship Society. Very disappointed. Overpriced at 45 compared to other shipping company histories i have bought over the years. A number of mistakes and omissions by the authors. Expected more for the money.

13th March 2012, 15:50
Got my copy yesterday in the Stes direct from Nautical Books. I am very pleased by the book and would recommend it to all ex Shaw saville guys; especially anyone who sailed on one of the big "ICS". I sailed on the Corinthic and Suevic and it brought back a lot of good memories.
There is even a picture of a very young Jim Buist (The Beast) wtaken while he was on the Gothic. Highly recommend it..Plum

james buist
14th March 2012, 05:07
I would be keen to get my hands on a copy of this book. can anyone tell me whether or not it can be purchased in New Zealand.


14th March 2012, 10:22
Good Morning from the UK James. Suggest you e mail ships in focus at this e mail address
[email protected]
and request on info on a NZ supplier, Good Luck in your quest