Diamond Princess

22nd January 2006, 22:18
hi everyone just letting you all know that i have just upload 6 pictures of the diamond princess i went out to the port this morning she was just being docked i will be going back out to the port later on in the day she leaves at 6pm the tugs will be turning her around towards the sea so i will be able to get some great fotos and will post them later on after i get home
And also i will be doing another cruise around the south pacific in may this year on the Pacific Star will be going to fiji, tonga, somona 13 nights it leaves on the 27th may 2006 from Auckland (Eats)
there will more photos at my website as well
many thanks jason
P/S iI have just uploaded 35 new photographs of the Diamond Princess at webshots her arriving as well departing in the afternoon enjoy the photos

Fred Booth
23rd January 2006, 15:59
Hi Jason
I collect Paquetbot Mail, when you go on your Cruise will you post me some envelopes all stamped up for posting
what I need to know is where the ship is registered, I will then supply you with the rest, all you need to do is give them to the purser for posting at various ports of call
Fred in UK (Thumb)