Reserved but Proud to have served!

23rd January 2006, 01:30
Just a quick hello to say that I was "only" a member of the RNR for 8 yrs becoming a Killick Sparker now living with a ex merchant sailor of 17 years. The only woman we ever had to cope with was the sea and she can be an ***** beyond. Me ton class (HMS's Lewiston, Wotton) then river class (HMS's Carron, Helford ) John Shell Tankers UK Ltd. Would like fellow crew mates to say hello. Hobbit

Doug Rogers
23rd January 2006, 02:07
Welcome aboard Hobbit, enjoy the site and what it has to offer.

23rd January 2006, 05:15
welcom aboard the happy ship "nostalgia" great crew fullof knowledge here. enjoy ur voyage Hobbit.

jim barnes
23rd January 2006, 11:56
welcome Hobbit, bit of info on your profile would be welcome? (Thumb)

23rd January 2006, 14:16
Welcome aboard from Italy.

23rd January 2006, 14:18
Welcome hobbit from the south of england, enjoy the site.

26th January 2006, 10:17
Ahoy Hobbit,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.
From Holland