Ivy B

8th March 2012, 22:20
Does anyone out there know when and where the Ivy B was sunk? I have had a look at the internet but the details are not altogether clear! I hitched a lift over to Rye Harbour with them from Rotterdam in 1981 whilst I was working as a student volunteer with the Missions to Seamen. I understand that it was sunk (by the Greek Navy???) somewhere in the Med a year or so later, for alleged gun-running. But WAS it sunk in the Med, or somewhere else, as there's a diving website that suggests it lies somewhere further south. Just intrigued, that's all!

Bob S
10th March 2012, 13:58
From Miramar website

Single Ship Report for "5087998"

IDNo: 5087998
Year: 1956
Type: Cargo ship
Launch Date: 15.9.56
Flag: NLD
Date of completion: 22.11.56
Tons: 350
Link: 1335
DWT: 413
Yard No: 5001
Length overall: 45.0
Ship Design:
LPP: 41.1
Country of build: DEU
Beam: 7.6
Builder: Hanseatische
Material of build:
Location of yard: Hamburg
Number of
Naval or paramilitary marking :
A: *
End: 1983
Subsequent History:

Disposal Data:
leaked & beached near Ras Gharib 19.8.83 & looted

10th March 2012, 15:09
Hi Bob! This is about as comprehensive as its possible to get! Thank you very much indeed. Its a shame that the coaster ended up in such a state. It just brings its story to closure. There were many boats large and small, that I visited in Rotterdam on a regular basis and I'm forever asking myself "whatever happened to..?" (My wife thinks I ought to get a life!) But thanks a lot, anyway!!(Pint)