Senior Officer Seminars

12th March 2012, 20:49
Who ever went to one? I went to two both at Bar Hill (I think that was what it was called), Cambridge. It was a hotel with a golf course where they used to stage pro/celebrity tournaments as I recall. I remember the ostensible rationale for the first; to come up with ideas on how the company could be taken forward but with the rider that it hadn't to cost anything. I don't remember the rationale for the other except that a couple of blokes got carriage clocks for long service. Were these events held anywhere else other than Cambridge?

12th March 2012, 20:52
Harry which company was it for

12th March 2012, 21:57
Cunard Brocklebank.

Cambridgeshire Hotel and a posh one in London...... the name of which escapes me.......... betraying the level of interest i had in them.

There were Junior and Senior officer seminars..........R/O's tended to attend both.

The "free-drinks" after dinner sessions involved getting "Jolly-Jack" as newted as possible before asking loaded questions about what REALLY happened aboard the Port XXXXX when something rather serious happened.

All a bit transparent, i thought.

12th March 2012, 23:37
I went on one with Kvaerner Shipping, "Queen of Scandinavia". Norwegian and British Officer's. Three days , we all joined in Oslo and sailed to Copenhagen and back and left in Oslo. We all had a very good time. Their was a few seminars on board, one was female office staff from Oslo.
Lunch time, went to look for the toilet, found one with the door hooked backed.
No urinals , went into a cubical, locked the door.
Next thing there was clicking of high heels, and female voices.
I was trapped in the ladies toilet
After about half an hour. All quiet.
Tried to sneak out, caught leaving by the "Human Resources" department head.

Such is life,



Derek Roger
13th March 2012, 00:17
Never had any of that sort of thing while I was with Brocks . Often asked to drop into the office on the way home on leave ; or on a few occasions would be invited to come to London ( Trafalger house days ) for a chat ( usually technical matters )with Charlie House MBE and Johny Bain . Both just the best people to work for / with .

Very informal with a lunch and sometimes a pint after the office closed .
There was not a lot discussed over the phone in those days ; in retrospect it was quite expensive for the company to ship me down from Inverness by First Class Rail ( sleeper ) and I would return that evening by Sleeper back to Inverness . On occasion I would stay overnight in London but I preferred not too . I found that the overnight from Inverness got one into London nice and early ; took a breakfast in Town . Had my meetings through the day with a nice long lunch ; pint etc. and a nice relaxing overnight back to Inverness with an excellent meal ( in those days ) before a good nights sleep . Wake up nice and fresh again in the morning in Inverness ready to continue my leave .

Happy Days ( No airs or graces ) Derek

13th March 2012, 00:26
Three days at the Dublin Sports Hotel (facilities for golf, shooting, riding etc.) for a seminar ostensibly to find ways of saving money!
Must have cost a fortune but we came out of it discovering we had given up a donkeyman/greaser.
How did that happen??


13th March 2012, 01:13
Probably coz you had added another bean-counter.

13th March 2012, 21:22
Hello everyone and thank you.
Gdynia, in connection with your question I suppose the nomenclature was Cunard Brocklebank at the time. I know some of the people there were Brocklebank while others were mainly ex-Port Line, though I imagine Moss Tankers people were in attendance too, I was R & ES. It was all Trafalgar House by then and think the Chairman, who presided, was called Slater. Sparkie2182 catches the flavour of them with the 'in vino veritas' observation. The hotel in London he refers to might have been the Cunard International at Hammersmith, or the other Cunard hotel on the Grosvenor Road, Earl's Court. I stayed in both at times when joining ships. I agree with his sentiment about transparency. It reminded me of something that happened at the first seminar; rationale - how to save the company money. Mr Slater had introduced this theme and very quickly got a response from the floor. A chief engineer I had sailed with on ACT3, Ray Friston, told him he could save the company 36,000 pa. Not an insignificant sum it seemed because all ears on the podium were cocked. "How can that be done, Ray?" was the rejoinder. "Sack the Medical Dept" Ray replied. I feel a new Thread gestating here.
I don't think they had Junior Officer seminars at that time, 1976. I got the impression it was an initiative developed about then. They were a good do. It is also interesting to note (from Macphail) that when Kvaerner took over the tradition was continued ... and, seemingly, how. There was another ACT3 link at the second seminar I attended, about 1978, concerning the carriage clock presentations I mentioned in my original posting, one went to Eric Ernest Chapman, oft time om in it.

13th March 2012, 22:00
"Sack the Medical Dept"

I remember it well..........was about all that was worth remembering.