Captain David Spargo

13th March 2012, 18:04
Just to advise Captain David Spargo - Shell Master passed away about 10 to 12 days ago aged 78.
He lived in Heswall, Cheshire for the whole time I knew him.
I got to know him quite well on the Darina and Drupa (Lightening
Vessels) which came into Tranmere regularly on the Mersey.
He had a placid nature and was very easy to get on with.

Does anybody remember him or sail with him??


Robert Spargo
3rd April 2012, 17:44
Remember him very well, he was my brother - Bob Spargo

3rd April 2012, 19:42
Pleased to hear from you Bob.
I looked after his ship many times at Tranmere in the past and he was a great
person to get on with.
My sincere condolences to you and his family.

Best Wishes

Robert Spargo
3rd April 2012, 20:13
Thanks Keith;
Yes I will miss him very much as, of course, will his his wife, children and grandchildren.
Best wiches