Ship collisions...

25th March 2012, 03:35
Just saw the vids about the HMS Penelope/Preserver collision in the RN forum, and that reminded me of a nasty collision between the missile cruiser USS Belknap DLG26 and the carrier USS John F. Kennedy CV67 on 22 November 1975. there were 7 fatalities and 49 injuries.

It was a bad collision, caused by poor seamanship of the OOD. He got Belknap under the overhang of the flight deck of the JFK, and a sponson swept the entire upper superstructure, including the masts and stacks off of Belknap. This was all levels above the wheelhouse. The subsequent fire melted much of the the remaining superstructure down to the main deck level.

Belknap was eventually repaired and returned to service.

The Navy report of the collision as well as other Naval accidents are at the following link:
US Navy Incident Reports (

Belknap photo archive: (