Magdapur's Finest 1965 Part 2

Jim S
27th January 2006, 21:28
From the attached there are a couple of names that I would appreciate help with-
Pic1 Giovanni Webster 2nd Mate, Snr R/O ?, 3rd Mate ?.
Pic2 Dave Peese Snr Apprentice/4th Mate
Pic3 Dave Peese and previous unnamed 3rd Mate wrestling with cattle loaded at Djibouti. - The cattle would try to get onto hatch covers to get at feed with the potential that they would fall and break a leg.
When taking temperatures of No 4 tween deck refrigerated space using the thermometers suspended from screw-in deck plugs it was prudent to arm oneself with a stout stick or similar as some form of defence/deterent from over inquisitive/hostile bovine creatures.

Since posting above I have found another slide with notations that Roger Newton was 3rd Mate - The Senior R/O was Colin ?