Furness Withy Empire

david smith
17th July 2004, 15:01
Hi to anyone who remenbers the small Cairn Line ships Cairnash, Cairnoak and Cairnelm. Also anyone who remebers me from Shaw Savill, Prince line, Houlders, Manchester Liners and Dart Line. It is nearly twenty years since I left as second mate, leaving others to see the demise of those companies. Great times.
Ships sailed on were Illyric,Cedric, Megantic, Amalric, Zealandic, Upwey and Rounton Grange, Pacific Pretige, Dart Britain, Manchester Challenge and small fry!

david smith
17th July 2004, 15:02
Try looking at www.coastalcrafts.co.uk - more pics etc

wayne rundell
2nd April 2005, 23:41
Can you help? I have a Brass bell from the Merchant ship Incemore, Would like to date this bell. think there were three ships Incemore in the Withy to Jonson lines. You can E-mail me at [email protected] WITH THANKS!