Good Day

24th April 2012, 18:39
I have been lurking for some time and finally decided that it was time to introduce myself and join in the forums.

I sailed under the US flag for a couple of years, 1968 to 70 while I was in college. I sailed on deck as an ordinary. The industry was just begining to change from breakbulk, I recall a trip to Argentina with a crew of 40 plus and having 13 days in port. After college I came ashore and worked in the logistics field and kept an interest in marine topics. I regret not continuing to sail.

I anticipate your 'WELCOME ABROAD', which is ironic because that was the one thing that was NEVER said to me when I was joining a ship, the usual comments were:
So your the new ****** new guy, or Are you the best the Union can send, or Shipping must be good if you got out !!

24th April 2012, 20:15

As anticipated, on behalf of the SN Moderating Team, a warm welcome aboard from the Isle of Anglesey!
You will thoroughly enjoy your time on SN and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)*

24th April 2012, 23:21
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

25th April 2012, 10:32

welcome to SN. Enjoy all we have to offer.


25th April 2012, 16:39
Greetings LR and welcome to SN from across the pond. Bon voyage.