SS Alamar Sunk by bombers

24th April 2012, 18:46
The Alamar was a 5,688 gr. ton freighter....with former name of:Eurana [of which pics appear in the document that I have provided a link too. The Alamar was in convoy PQ-16 when she was the target of a bombing attack....end result of being sunk.
This sinking actually had a double edge to it...not only was the Alamar bombed and sunk, which was bad enough for the crew and the U.S. Navy Armed Guard on May 27th 1942, but how about what happen to the crew later on.....not something that one wishes to think about if you are one of the crew.
The specifics of this incident and what eventually happened to the crew you can read about by clicking on this 'Link': SS ALAMAR (

Picture of the Alamar is not good, but all that I had of her in this era...the two good ones are of her as the Eurana.