Shipping Rates

29th January 2006, 00:02
Im just curious,always have been hs anybody any idea how much a shipping co.would recieve for eg.for an easy fugure say 10.000tons of grain from london to japan then back in quite sure if theirs any site to find out its this one i appriate it will vary but just roughly
P.S BENJI no funny remarks please.

29th January 2006, 00:31
Hiya Bobby,

Just to show that I am not always facetious, here is an attempt at a sensible answer. [=P]

Couldn't find exactly what you were asking on the net but there is a cost for container transportation between the port of Salina Cruz and Los Angeles and San Antonio:

They are quoting $2,500 US for a 40 foot container to Los Angeles.



Keltic Star
29th January 2006, 05:14
The rates are determined from market demand. Go to Lloyd's List on the web and subscribe for a free 7 day trial. Sample daily charter fixtures are listed. I just checked and the only fixture listed last Friday was for 160,000 tonnes of iron ore from Tubarao, Brazil to Qingdao, Chinat at $21.70 per tonne. Terms were FIO which means that the charterer pays the loading and unloading costs.
I know that this does not give you the price for grain from the UK to Japan but it is an indication of shipowners revenue. By the way, it is unlikely that you will fine grain being shipped from the UK to Japan, the trade is predominately from US, Argentina, Canada and Australia to wherever.
Another indicator is the time charter rates which for bulk carriers in the Panamax size are running around $13,000 to $15,000 per day plus fuel and port charges.
Hope this helps

29th January 2006, 16:03
THANKS for that guys.
Bob thats intresting about the charter thing.and Brian thats Awsome $2.500 for a 40ft box what must those NEDLLOYD ships must be earning
Regards Bobby.