Emergency Stores

27th April 2012, 19:41
I had a hypothetical "what-if" thought today and couldn't figure it out.
Say you had a cruise ship, and it was rendered a derelict, by loss of power, damage caused by a tidal wave or anything of that ilk causing it to be made helpless. How long would the ships supplies last?

I am also assuming that any form of distress signalling (radio and the like) would also be unusable, meaning the ship is on its own and helpless.

27th April 2012, 20:12
At a guess there is probably about two months worth of food on board BUT loss of power would mean loss of refrigeration which would rapidly render the refrigerated foodstuffs inedible (I suppose you could attempt to salt the meat) which would lead to the next problem - drinking water - a few weeks I suppose, assuming it was accessible with the lack of power. Be interesting to see what state the food was in in the cruise ship that caught fire recently.

John Dryden
27th April 2012, 21:16
I would assume,out of common courtesy, they would put on a free bar(Pint)(Jester)

Mad Landsman
27th April 2012, 21:29
I remember standing on a quay side when a ship which had power supply problems was being de-stored.

Because there was a problem with not knowing how long the refrigeration had been out of action before being restored, and what temperature it had reached before power was restored, everything from the freezers had to be ditched.

It was tempting but, no, I didn't want to take the chance either not even for my dog.

27th April 2012, 23:04
Thank you for your fascinating stories. It makes me realise just how much for granted we take power on board a ship. What would happen if GPS failed; rely on sextant and log tables? (If they still use those these days :) )

...actually thinking about it, if there was no power, the engines wouldn't work, so no point in determining the ship's position!

27th April 2012, 23:42
Sorry chaps. I understand what the OP is saying...but what about the emergency genes? Yes water would be a problem but radios are covered under the genes. Most large ships still carry a sextant and somebody that knows how to use it. Radios are also covered under batteries. Cell phones? Depending on where you are. Then there is always " the rockets red glare"

kewl dude
28th April 2012, 07:10
When the Carnival Splendor had an engine room fire in 2010 that destroyed all shipboard electrical service the US Navy here in San Diego loaded food stuffs onto COD (Carrier on Deck) aircraft. Then flew the COD out to The Ronald Reagan that had responded to the Splendors call for help.

Aboard the Reagan the foodstuff was put in a cargo sling beneath a chopper and delivered to the cruise ship.



"You will recall that the U.S. Navy sent an aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Ronald ... that it spent $1,884,376.75 responding to the fire aboard the Carnival Splendor cruise ship."

Attached two collages of pictures collected from the local press at the time showing this.

Greg Hayden