Coppered Bottoms For The U.S. Navy 1794 To 1803

29th April 2012, 22:03
USS CONSTITUTION.....IRON SIDES & COPPER BOTTOMS ( The Naval Act of 1794, just as most authorizations for the construction of naval vessels since that time, created man problems requiring solution before the Navy could go into action. But in the construction of the fighting ships authorized in 1794 the problems were especially acute, for the United States had maintained no navy prior to that date. Contracts had to be made with private constructors since the Navy had no yards of its own; the ships had to be designed to meet the requirements of the government in the best possible manner with
consideration for the limited number of ships authorized; naval stores and supplies of all kinds had to be procured to place the ships in fighting trim; officers had to be commissioned and men had to be enlisted to man the new fleet. Not the least important of the problems arising from the building program was the one of coppering the bottoms of the ships built at that time.