Photo Tour of MIR from English Russia

2nd May 2012, 02:38

Thought I would share this link to an photo gallery I ran across.

sydney heads
25th May 2012, 08:17
Very interesting set of photos- thanks for sharing
Cheers John

29th May 2012, 16:35
It may be that in future sailing ship's will have to pay for the Wind along with other Wind user's like Offshore/Onshore Windfarm's and Windmill's. This "Tax" is being considered by G20 in an effort to replace the decreasing taxation from fossil fuel driven generating plant. It has looked at the vast amount of profit's the Water Companies make from what is a free resource at point of delivery and are looking at wind in the same way. If you have a rag&stick vessel the Tax will be based on the size of vessel or possibly it's sail area, a bit like Road Tax. I wonder if they are considering Land Yacht's,Kite's, Balloon's? What madness is this.