donald "duck" dunn

13th May 2012, 20:25
donald "duck" dunn .the legendary songwriter and bassist with booker t and the mgs died today in tokyo in his sleep.he was also the bassist in the original blues brothers band.1941-2012.RIP.a great man with a great talent.i will miss him and his music.

15th May 2012, 18:22
the" stax " sound that he was part of with steve cropper who I was lucky enough to see a few years ago created and played on some incredible and classic soul and blues numbers.

Nick Batstone
15th May 2012, 20:30
Had one of the best lines in the Blues Brothers when describing the band before Jake went away as;

"That band was so hot, it could turn goat's p*ss into gasolene"

16th May 2012, 06:33
truly one of the greats in modern music, makes me feel sad and old to see these people who made the music for my generation pass away.

"Now there is a Soul Man in heaven"

all the best

16th May 2012, 22:21
I had the pleasure seeing him play in a small bar in Key West.

Unfortunately some of the ships crew was asked to leave. The Chief Engineer started to hit the Cadet because the Cadet refused to go back to the ship to get the Chief's camera. During their departure they made a big scene acknowledging my presence. So I was also asked to leave. At least I got to see the first set before the others arrived.


alan ward
17th May 2012, 11:14
they are putting the band back together

John Rogers
17th May 2012, 19:25
Disco queen Donna Summer dead at 63