Passenger Ship Disasters - Part 3

Jeff Taylor
19th May 2012, 22:08
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29th July 2013, 16:11
On May 29th, 1914 almost 100 years ago the RMS Empress of Ireland was steaming down the St. Lawrence River and into Maritime History but only to be forgotten very quickly.

It is very unfortunate that so many Canadians and the world in general have never heard of this disaster. I am currently writting a book about the Empresses, the Empress of Ireland and her sister ship the Empress of Britain and two other vessel that played a part in their history.

I am looking for anyone who would be interested in sharing with me pictures, documentation about these ship during their career. Please contact me here or at

Ron Stringer
29th July 2013, 16:39
Sorry that I can't provide any personal information about the ships but when I joined Marconi Marine (The Marconi International Marine Communications Co. Ltd.) as a ship's radio officer in 1960, the Chief Engineer was one Ronald Ferguson, who had been Chief Radio officer on the Empress of Ireland at the time of the collision. He became Managing Director of the Company, retiring in 1967. I met him only at official receptions, only in a "Pleased to meet you" line up and never had any longer conversations with him.

From all accounts, he was reluctant to discuss the incident other than with close friends. There are references here

30th July 2013, 01:04
good day empress, of Ireland.i was not aware of this terrible disaster,and the terrible loss of life,may they rest in peace,thank you for posting the historical link.regards ben27

30th July 2013, 03:49
I am also looking for any information on the Liverpool dry dock called Brocklebank the Empress of Ireland had been repaired there after the Empress had damaged her bottom on the port side of the hull for almost the complete length. This happen on October 1909 under the command of Captain Forester.

30th July 2013, 03:53
I am also looking for any photographs from Officer Baker of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. who originally served aboard the Empress of Britain and took pictures of the damage bow on the Empress after she had collided with a collier named the Helvetia in the St. Lawrence River in July of 1912. Anyone with information, surveyor reports, pictures or can direct me where I might find this information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you