A Blue Funnel Story

Tom Inglis
26th May 2012, 18:14
I would like to recommend a book entitled " Those in Peril" by Ian Cook. The book is sub titled " A Blue Funnel Story", a fiftysix year love affair with ships.
Ian Cook from Perthshire went sea with Blue Funnel in 1944 and his first trip was as a middy on "Prometheus". He worked his way through to 2nd mate with a Master' s ticket and then like many young men frustrated at the slow promotion, he joined Straits Steamship Company in Singapore as mate and before long became Master.His tales of Blue Funnel characters are fascinating and will bring amusing memories to anyone who sailed on Blueys. Similarly his time in Straits abounds with great yarns about Malaya, Burma and Borneo. He then joined the Penang pilot association and many will remember him taking the Blueys and Glen in and out of Penang..
Following some personal/political problems he left Penang and headed down under to Australia and then New Zealand where he was involved in pilotage in Gisborne and Timaru and then a short spell in Jeddah before returning to Gisborne.
This is great yarn and has to be enjoyed by anyone ex Blue Funnel.
It a hard back , on sale in New Zealand but also available in UK via his son in law at a price of 35.
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Regards to all
Tom Inglis