Birthday tinged with sadness

27th May 2012, 17:02
Today, I am celebrating my 68th birthday. It is tinged with a great deal of sadness, as tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my elder brother Berts passing. I only had a brief couple of years with Palm Line, but he served over 30 years rising to Chief Engineer. So, I will celebrate my birthday with a couple of shots of Jamesons, and will remember "Our kid" with a couple of shots of "The Famous Grouse". No palm oil chop or ground nut stew I'm afraid so may be a curry. And I still miss Ted Landsdownes pea soup, you could stand your spoon up in it. Great days.

nick olass
27th May 2012, 22:23
Many happy returns Colin, I'm lifting a glass now in your honour.
Happy birthday lad.


27th May 2012, 22:36
Happy Birthday Colin. (Pint)

stan mayes
27th May 2012, 22:38
Congratulations and a very happy birthday Colin with many more to follow..
As you know I was acquainted with your brother Bert for many years in the
Palm Line - he was a True Gent - and as you say a sad day of remembrance
for you tomorrow.
Best regards,
I remember little Teddy Lansdowne the Chief Steward..

Howard S
29th May 2012, 00:14
Happy Birthday Colin, Stan is also celebrating one this week! I well remember your brother and Ted Lansdowne - we shall not see their like again..........

29th May 2012, 00:50
Birthday wishes for you Colin. Have a nice day

29th May 2012, 01:53
Best regards for your birthday, Colin. Sorry that there will be some sadness for you. I hope you enjoy your tipple and the salute to your brother's memory.


John Briggs
29th May 2012, 03:48
Best wishes on your birthday Colin.

29th May 2012, 10:04
I would like to associate myself with the above comments.


29th May 2012, 11:23
Best wishes Colin on your birthday. Sympathy on thoughts of your brother.

Regards ,
Alex C.

Sister Eleff
29th May 2012, 12:03
Ccurtis, I hope you had a good birthday yesterday.

Pat McCardle
29th May 2012, 13:59
Belated best wishes, Colin.

29th May 2012, 19:27
Many thanks for all of your kind wishes.
My brother was taken far too early and without doubt cigarettes were the cause of it. He was only 55. Fortunately, he was able to see his eldest daughters child, but missed the wedding of his youngest lassie and her subsequent daughter. I wish I knew how to stress upon all cigarette smokers the hurt and loss those dreadful things cause to their friends and families.