Mr. Daniel Ludwig...Super Tanker builder

1st June 2012, 21:09
How many of you ever heard of "Mr. Daniel Ludwig?" Well he was a very bashful billionaire....and he was a "Super-Tanker Builder." No he did not like the fact he hated it. But not many people know that he left an impressive legacy in several different fields...... notably being the very first Super tanker builder.

If you'd care to give this article a reading...just click on this link: DANIEL LUDWIG...SUPER-TANKER BUILDER (
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Ron Stringer
1st June 2012, 22:13
[QUOTE=cshortridge73;599833]How many of you ever heard of "Mr. Daniel Ludwig?"

Think that you are asking this question on the wrong site. A former member never missed an opportunity to laud the gentleman named. Didn't matter what the thread was, he managed to get the name in somehow. (Jester)

1st June 2012, 22:29
No.....ship history is "nautical history"...regardless of where it is put into all is interesting as far as I'm concerned as a hobby writer. Some know about it...some don't and even the ones that is familiar with the subject matter there is always something that enlightens us all.

1st June 2012, 23:30
Thanks for the link Bud, an interesting account.(Thumb)

Ron Stringer is referring to a gentleman who left this site before you joined it so you probably don't know what Ron is talking about.

He was a Master on some of Ludwigs ships a few years ago and he thought the world of him even though the accommodation was sparse the money was good.(Jester)


1st June 2012, 23:58
Hi 'sorry to say' I do not know Mr.Stringer, but that is main concern with my articles is to hopefully enlighten individuals with "nautical history"...the "who's,places,events, and situations"that many 'may'not realize that took place. No I realize I may not be 100% correct in the data that I collect...but hopefully I will draw attention to the person or event so further research can be thought about or considered. My soul purpose of "banging out these articles" is to draw attention to as others may wish to pursue more indepth research into the situation or event...and keep passing all data on to the history archive. I'm never, or will never be 100% with my research....but if I can draw attention to or help in the interest of the historial event.......then I've accomplished my mission.