Ship' Magnetic Compasses .

3rd June 2012, 19:45
I have been left the Marine Instrument Trade since 1973 , I went into
Industrial Instrumentation until retirement and still miss very much
that association with Compasses etc . I came onto
Shipsnostalgia for a period until I was taken ill and I notice the last
posting under Ships Magnetic Compasses was Mar. 2010. Does
anyone happen to know what the situation is with regard to Compasses
on Ships - Has Sat Nav taken over , Do Compass Adjusters still
exist and what Government Body Certifies Magnetic Compasses these
Days - Lots of questions to ask !!!

Barrie Youde
3rd June 2012, 21:19
Hi, Harvatt,

Do please look under "Ships magnetic compasses". There has been a flurry of response recently.



Barrie Youde
3rd June 2012, 21:29
At Liverpool in the early 1960s there were two compass adjusters named Barr. (Brothers, I think.) One of them was Charlie Barr, who was also an accomplished ballroom dancer - and was therefore known as Dancing Barr. (I never did see him in white-tie and tails with a number on his back.)

Later, in the the 1970s and 80s, we had Chris Herron - a most likeable chap.

John Dryden
3rd June 2012, 21:40
Glad to see you back Harvatt and hope you are feeling better.The magnetic compass is still alive and kicking on SN and, as Barrie says, quite recently a question was asked on the subject.