A Hello Message

2nd February 2006, 08:31
I've just registered here and am looking forward to making new aquaintances on shipnostalgia.com!


Jan Hendrik
2nd February 2006, 08:37
Hi Gav ,
Welcome to the site.
Enjoy what it has to offer and we look forward to your postings in due course.
May I suggest you add some data to your profile?
We don't want your address and phone number, but a bit of background, age and possibly place of residence would be appreciated.

jim barnes
2nd February 2006, 09:32
Welcome to a great site GAV, you should have fun here, can't get this on priscription yet? whats your profile mate (*))

2nd February 2006, 10:17
Welcome aboard, Gav. Enjoy the site and all we have to offer.

2nd February 2006, 10:36
Welcome Gav to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer.

2nd February 2006, 10:47
A warm welcome from me too Gav....enjoy yourself.

2nd February 2006, 12:15
welcome aboard gav enjoy

non descript
2nd February 2006, 12:46
A very warm welcome to you Gav, you will find the good ship SN is +100A1 and with an excellent crew. As Jan Hendrik suggests, a bit of background always helps. Enjoy the site and all it has to offer, we look forward to your postings. Bon Voyage

tom nicholson
2nd February 2006, 12:55
welcome aboard gav enjoy the site as we all do .
cheers tom (*))

2nd February 2006, 13:09
Welcome aboard from Italy.

2nd February 2006, 18:16
welcome GAV i hope you have a nice time here on S.N

2nd February 2006, 19:01
Ahoy Gav,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.
From Holland

5th February 2006, 21:26
After 40 years at sea on 83 different vessels - well different names! nostalgia is setting in big time eight years after retirement.
Have just found the site whilst searching for details of one of my old ships.
Will learn my way around and revert.
Bill harrison. Ex ERO

patrick mahoney
6th February 2006, 19:02
welcome aboard gav from waterford enjoy the site..
patrick ..