The "Name Game"

5th June 2012, 17:06
In all history there could never have been a more unlikely group of people than Big Foot Wallace, Button Gwinnett, Betsy Ross, Abner Doubleday, Pocahontas, Sun Yat-Sen, Mosses Brown, Billy Sunday, Bernardo O’Higgins, Johnny Appleseed, and Hawkins Fudske. The mind boggles at the thought of them all seated at dinner together. Neither Sherlock Holmes nor Nero Wolfe at their finest could ever have deduced a logical connection between 13 such characters. Yet in World War II it should have been elementary enough for even Dr. Watson - they were all Liberty Ships.

When the Liberty ship program began, the job of naming 300 ships seemed simple enough. The ships were to be named for outstanding Americans, heroes and leaders in American history. There were certainly enough of these, even without counting and founding fathers and revolutionary patriots, to make up a list of 300. But when the Liberty fleet continued to grow to 500, to 1,000 - and even twice that - the naming process became much more than a matter of skimming through a grade school history book.

So....if you'd like a tad of insight into how this "Name Game" actually got underway....and what a really big deal it may be enlighten in just how this all took place.

Here's the link....and it is pretty darn interesting....

Hope you enjoy the article

donald h
5th June 2012, 17:44
Most interesting, as always, Bud.
My old man was torpedoed twice during WWII, but at one stage he was sent over to the United States to join the WILLIAM SMALLWOOD, Yard No 2220.
On completion, she was renamed the SAMPA, and he was part of her crew from the 15th July 1943 (in build, I believe) till the 2nd July 1944.
She was sunk on the 27th Feb 1945 after hitting a mine, nine miles north of Ostend, Belgium.

5th June 2012, 20:29
Most interesting, Bud.

Also makes for a challenging pub quiz question!

5th June 2012, 20:41
Well Harvey.....I'm afraid I'd be there for most of the 'day'.....and regardless of where you live that can be a heck a lot of beer!!!