Researching MIKE HILL's first ships for his forthcoming marriage!

colin lodge
8th June 2012, 13:24
Hello everyone,

Although as a young man my closest connection with sea going ships was that I was an APO in H.M.C. & E. and worked for a time inTilbury ( I guess that won't endear me to some ) my interest here is to gather some information about two ships which my friend MIKE HILL was associated with.

AT the tender age of 18 and as a cadet officer Mike joined his first ship, PACIFIC UNITY, moored up in the FAL river close to the KIng Harry chain ferry. He says he was sent out to get provisions for the skeleton crew (she was laid up prior to being sold on) in a small boat with a tiny Seagull outboard motor. Apparently as he crossed the path of the ferry, which was docked taking on cars, the motor failed and he was frantic trying to restart it. The ferry then departed on her crossing of the river and the chains went taught coming up right under the tiny boat. Thankfully the motor fired but the chain grazed the side of the boat nearly capsizing it and almost pitching Mike into the water. But the motor kept going and he was able to get out of the way of the King Harry, now a much wiser but still very green young sailor.

Mike's second ship, he tells me was the WESTERN TRADER which he joined a few weeks later in Salford where she was taking on a cargo and bound for stateside, and this was his fist seagoing voyage.

I have found photos of the two ships which I can use at the wedding ( I am one of his two best men) but I would love to hear of any more tales of daring do involving Mike at sea or in port if any of you out there remember him.....he joined his first ship in about 1965, if that helps place him.

I know this is all a very long shot...but I am optimistically hopeful that some of you may recognise him.

Thanks for any help.

Sister Eleff
8th June 2012, 13:43
Two best men!!!! I like his style, he's taking no chances I see!

colin lodge
8th June 2012, 16:06
Thanks Sister least i will be able to say he attracts attention from the fairer sex, and in uniform too! Don't know what his new wife will say about it..LOL

fred henderson
8th June 2012, 18:48
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8th June 2012, 23:32
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer