BE Esmerelda to Sydney

sydney heads
11th June 2012, 09:01
Hi all, in particular tallship enthusiasts on Australia's east coast.

The beautiful Chilean training ship BE Esmeralda is due to visit Sydney this month. She is due to arrive a.m. in daylight on Tuesday 19th June, and berth at the Garden Island naval wharves until her departure on Sunday 24th.
The Sydney-based restored barque James Craig will escort Esmeralda for both arrival and departure movements.

From Sydney, she will sail north to Brisbane.

Cheers John

11th June 2012, 11:10
Esmeralda was used as a torture ship in the rule of Pinochet.
She arrived once in Tahiti in the pouring rain and the crew in formation marched to the town hall and were absolutely soaked and the French contingent followed in a bus (in the dry) much to the fury of the locals with catcalls and V signs. The locals were not too keen on the French, because of atom bomb testing in their area.

sydney heads
13th June 2012, 08:39
Please don't take this personally R58484956, certainly not meant to be, but what a shame the world's media will never allow this glorious ship to shake the torture tag. While I do sympathise with all those affected, the ship after had no say in the unfortunate matter.

It would be so nice to allow her to be appreciated for what she is- a true work of art.

Cheers John

16th June 2012, 02:10
The Esmeralda visited Auckland in the early 60's and I spent some time aboard this magnificent ship, which was showcased to the public.
The crew were extremely respectful and were happy to talk at length with visitors who had seagoing experience.
I really enjoyed myself and took a heaps of photos and memories ashore with me.