Robert Henry Brooks - Life as a Mariner

paul davison
22nd June 2012, 14:00
Hi Everyone,

One of my ancestors was Robert Henry Brooks, I have copies of his mate's & master's certificates, and from those a list of vessels he was on. I am looking for more information about any of these ships. Can anyone help? I realise this is all pretty ancient history, but any information would be welcome.

Vessel Number Rank Joining date
Margaret 29873 Mate 1864
Lalla Rookh(?) Mate 1864
Camilla Mate 1865
Mary Ann & Jane 7637 Mate 1865
Northumbria Mate 1867
Vanguard 14.956 2nd Mate 1867
Anne Smith Mate 1869
John Baring 30106 Captain 1870
John Baring 30106 Captain 1871
Wellington 23073 Captain 1871
John Baring 30106 Captain 1871
John Baring 30106 Captain 1872
Nymphaea 65410 Mate 1876
SS Cydonia 70415 Master 1877
SS Nuphar (?) 84860 Master 1882
?? Captain 1883
Rodney McGill (?) Captain 1884
Nymphaea 84861 Captain 1885


22nd June 2012, 15:30
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22nd June 2012, 18:14

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22nd June 2012, 23:17
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