Death of the Lee III

22nd June 2012, 21:45
Most of the articles that "run across" these pages on this 'blog of mine' and I say that rather pointed toward several years of "something to do with sea history....the war...and/or shipping." Well this article is not so far off that mark....except it has to do with the Mississippi River....but the event doesn't have alot of whiskers on it "for the age factor."

Many individuals ...especially the 'young'uns'....don't realize how important the Mississippi River is in a means of a supply route for the "States." The best way to gage just how busy this "creek" is....all one has to do is just venture somewhat 'South' and more or less to the middle of the United States....until you run into this "huge muddy creek"....that my friend will be the "Good ole Mississippi".

Once there...well stand on the bank and marvel at all the river lord it is like New York, City during the 5 p.m rush hour. what happens to all this "so called traffic" when .....something goes haywire....a ship goes down, and all river traffic is stopped?....yep, your right...."all hell breaks loose" On top of that there are comments from individuals ....that due to this "disaster of an event of a ship sinking....and loss of lives..."...they are going to be late for their "appointment" .....the appointment is to them is primary.....they could give a hoot about anything else.

Well folks here is the story titled the: DEATH OF THE LEE III ( that caused this huge disruption will just be in awe of the response from this modern day world.
Just click on that title and the short story will unfold before you.....and I'm sure upon completion of reading you'll be shaking your head in wonderment.

Hope you enjoy the article

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