Amazing Salvage Feat of the Oklahoma

27th June 2012, 14:27
Refloating The Capsized Battleship Was a 'Herculean' Feat
Something like this had never been attempted before
There are many works which relate to the story of Pearl Harbor. Most tell of Japanese preparedness and American slackness, and all talk about the carnage on that bloody Sunday morning. But what of the aftermath within the base? A dew shadowy references filter through here and there, but the histories rush on to other battles and later exciting events. But the aftermath was a grueling affair. Salvage and repair parties began work within hours after the attack was over, and for a long time the fear of a second invasion lingered.

The restoration of Pearl Harbor to a first-class Naval base required an exhaustive effort over many months. Some efforts would require years. And interspersed with such efforts were the normal affairs of a Naval base actively engaged in a war. Probably the most monumental salvage project ever faced by the Navy recurred during this period - the raising of the USS Oklahoma.

So this is what this article is about....please keep in mind wrapped around the fact that...something of this nature had never been attempted before...let alone 'accomplished.'

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