Seven P&O cruise ships

3rd July 2012, 10:37
All seven ships are in port today. 30,000 passengers are disembarking or embarking. Some are checking in at the Hampshire cricket ground because berths 104 and 40 I am told have not got the facilities.

For all members going to Southampton, watching from Southampton Water or from the Isle of Wight, Adonia leaves at 1715, with the others leaving from 1800 with a ten minute gap in procession down Southampton Water. Weather permitting, the Red Arrows will give a display off Calshot at around 1915 when all seven ships will be in line to be reviewed by the Princess Royal. That is the plan at present.

There was a display planned by the Red Arrows over the docks at 1145, but that has been cancelled due weather.

If there are any former Oriana crew reading this, former crew are meeting today in Hythe at the Lord Nelson.

Lets hope the weather do not spoil the entire day.


Pat McCardle
3rd July 2012, 20:14
Wonder if the Indians are still getting 75p.p.h. or will Carnival give them a bonus to celebrate 150years of P&O?

4th July 2012, 14:34
Wonder if the Indians are still getting 75p.p.h. or will Carnival give them a bonus to celebrate 150years of P&O?

I doubt it Pat. They have always been badly paid, and badly treated. It was mostly Goan stewards when I worked for P&O, Goa being more linked to Portugal than India oddly enough, all Roman Catholics. But their pay was just as bad. They relied on their tips, and did extra work to increase their income even more. That extra work was to act as 'Peak Boy' to we Leading Hands and others, cleaning our cabins etc. Another would be our Dhoby Wallah. Others made lifebelts for passengers and crew to take home as souvenirs. But P&O stopped that, possibly because they were taking trade from their shops. And they stopped them cleaning cabins and doing crew dhobi. They also used to mend our clothes, the Goanese alleway in Goan quarters full of sewing machines to earn an extra bob, all in addition to their day job, but that too was stopped. I think they still cut hair, but all their other perks seem to have been taken from them.

It is bad enough that P&O have stopped them earning extra, but to take their tips as well is the final straw. Auto tips or service charge is supposed to be more fair according to bosses, but when shared out amongst all crew, it means that those on higher salary anyway gets the same share. Those on lower pay get virtually nothing.

What people do not understand is that the lowest paid, cabin stewards, their helpers and wingers all have family at home. Not just their own family, but they support their entire family they told me, aunties, uncles, grandparents and parent as well as their own own family. Yes, their pay although very bad is possibly better than at home. But they come to sea, not because they like it, but because it puts food on their families tables, and they work very hard to achieve that putting us all to shame frankly for the pittance they get. Cabin stewards shared their tip with their helpers as did wingers.

I hope that cruise passengers will tip them individually anyway, if they think they deserve it despite auto gratuities.

By the way, I posted a few pics in the gallery today, but more over on TCF.