The Decline in the RO/RO Auckland/South Island Route

garry Norton
4th July 2012, 03:21
Could anyone tell me why the RO/RO vessels were taken off this route as the vessels employed in this trade were normally full in the 1970's

4th July 2012, 15:14
Like the UK coastal shipping became too expensive due to fuel costs and took to long so road transport(quicker and cheaper) took over. HAWEA/WANAKA 66/70-75.Like the Lyttleton-Wellington run,too long compared with the Picton run.

5th July 2012, 02:00
Yes you are quite right Tony. Apart from the fuel costs , the waterfront costs were about 48% and crew costs about 19% of the voyage as well and road and rail operators were for ever undercutting the coastal freight rate and so taking more cargo quicker between North & South Islands.


5th July 2012, 06:25
The Hawea and Wanaka were not Ro Ro s in the conventional sense, they carried seatainers which were loaded and offloaded by v large forklift. The turnaround time was considerably more than a normal Ro Ro. Also stern door only. Nice ships though except that they only had a magnetic compass, steering was by periscope and a crumby Quo Vadis radar.

I sailed as a passenger on the ex Wanaka, Gurensey to Poole in 1987 she'd gone down hill considerably.