Japan's First Submarines

8th July 2012, 16:43
The Japanese people really do have a great sense of un-imaginativeness which happened to impress many naval people at the turn of the century.....just at the time when the first submarines were being introduced. These people could work 24 hrs a day if need be....that was not a problem with these people.
Darn good mechanics....but they just didn't acquire all this on their own...they had to be shown....but once shown they could do just about anything.
So this is the same concept the Japanese naval 'hot shots' come to viewing the demonstration of the John Holland's submarine on March 14, 1900 and immediately ordered five of them.

So...that is what this short article is all about....or at least "my version" of it all....and really when you get to reading it.....the Japanese was pretty darn quick in picking up just how to "pop these puppies" together.

Just click on this to get to the link:
JAPAN'S FIRST SUBMARINES (http://navalmerchantshiparticles.blogspot.com/2012/07/japans-first-submarines.html)

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