Magdapur's Finest Part 3

Jim S
6th February 2006, 22:12
Attached are another couple of Magdapur's finest of around 1964.
Pic 1 is Engineer Apprentice Geoff Turner - At Colombo.
Pic 2 is Carpenter Dave York with his masterpiece behind him-the construction of this gated device took place every trip on the Indian Coast.
Rather than being built in knock-down form it seemed to be built pretty much from scratch each trip. Maybe it was just a bit of therapy.

Dave York was much more outgoing than his colleague on Maidan - Chippy Bartlett (never did find out his first name). Despite meeting him at least once per day when he was doing his rounds after about 3 months Chippy Bartlett would begin to acknowledge you by a slight raising of eyebrows as he passed.
A man of few words but a good lad just the same.

Stuart Smith
7th February 2006, 10:45
This must have been 2nd half of 1964 as I sailed with Geoff Turner Jan to May 1964 on Mahout. There were 4 Engineering Apprentices on Mahout, myself, Dennis Henshaw, Geoff Turner and ??? Connolly.
Do you know the where-abouts of Geoff now as Dennis and I would very much like to re-establish contact?.
Stuart Smith

John Leary
7th February 2006, 18:57
Thanks for the Magdapur photographs particularly that of Dave York. What a character he was/is. I remember on the Magdapur him regailing me with stories about how he always beat the bookies whenever he went to the Calcutta races.

Never having been much of a betting man I was pursuaded by his enthusiasm and conviction about being on a sure thing to go with him when we arrived at Calcutta. I think there were about 8 races on the card. As you might guess I never had a winner and I think Dave had about 2.

He could'nt explain what had gone wrong but I suspect it was my presence that ended his run of good luck. The poor results never dented his optimism or his sense of humour. What a guy!

Jim S
7th February 2006, 18:58
The slide of Geoff Turner is dated Nov 64 so you are correct it was taken during the voyage that started at Birkenhead in June and terminating at Tilbury in October 1964
I was Xtra 4th Eng on that voyage. - Sorry I have no info on what happened to Geoff.
I do remember him as a good lad though. The name Dennis Henshaw seems to ring a bell. I cannot recall whether I knew him or maybe I am confusing him with one of Sgt Bilko's men - was there a Corporal Henshaw?