Brodie System

19th July 2012, 12:13
A clever trapeze rigged aboard shallow-draft LST landing ships allowed them to launch and retrieve small spotter aircraft which played hell on well-concealed enemy gun emplacements.

Actually, the ingenious but simple device was an unlikely candidate for the title of “Secret Weapon” because the term conjures up high-tech, ballistic innovation. It was neither, but it still packed a lethal punch in the Pacific War and the Japanese had nothing comparable. It was a development that had the Japanese High Command not only concerned but completely flummoxed. This jerry-built, rickety-looking device mad it possible for an ordinary Piper Cub reconnaissance plane to suddenly appear over the Japanese fleet hundreds of miles from land - and far beyond its normal range.

Yes this lead in is just a 'tease' to entice the reader to give this a read and to see if you can wrap your mind around to visualize yourself flying a pipercub and trying to land that light little pup by hooking it on to a wire that was attached to a bobbing ship... Well they did it....

If you wish to read how it was done.

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