King Edward Vll Nautical College 1957 and 1959

24th July 2012, 05:43
I attended for the first time in 1957 and failed orals for 2nd Mate with the dreaded examiner who everybody was in fear of I think his name was Captain ????, sorry my memory has blocked it, he required that we should recite Article 9 verbatim !! !! The company I served my time with the Alva Steamship Co. offered me a job as uncertified 3rd Mate on a brand new vessel called the "Silverstone" I returned to King Edward's in the spring of 1959 and passed, however was unable to complete the required radar certificate at Sir John Cass until September 1959 and spent the summer working as a waiter and washer upper in my home town of Sidmouth. Emigrated to Australia in 1960 and worked for the Australian National Line.

Frank Saunders aka oldseadog23

Mark Harris
24th July 2012, 10:38
Greetings, Frank (if I may).

Were you at King Ted's in Captain Warren Hopwood's time? Sad to say, he died recently (I posted to this effect elsewhere on the list).

Mark Harris

24th July 2012, 17:54
Hi Frank
I did 2nd Mates there January to March 1959. My diary from 19th March 1959 says "Orals 0830 to 0945, Capt Wallace !" I think he was the least sought examiner, hence my long ago exclamation mark. I noted lecturers as Capts Smith, Hopwood (as above), Nimmo, Chase, Myerscough, Mclaren & Varwell; hopefully not all on the same day.


24th July 2012, 21:12
Captain Nimmo was a great teacher able to get the subject over.

25th July 2012, 04:56
Greetings Ian and Mark

I must have just missed you Ian I was there in May 1959

Great to receive your replies they brought back a host of memories !! Thank you Ian for reminding me that it was the dreaded Captain Wallace who failed me in 1957, however good things emerge from adversity I was able to get more practical experince serving as uncertified 3rd Mate at least honing my navigation skill on the bridge, made a change from cleaning brass and scrubbing the deck as we did as cadets !!

Remember well Capt Hopwood I think he taught us Principles of Navigation or was that Captain Day ?? We learned to draw the "Ecliptic" freehand we were told that a diagram was worth a hundred words.

Best wishes Frank

Colin P Wood
12th June 2017, 08:03
I did 2nd. Mates from march to july 1953
Had a great time and ended up getting through with Captain Wallace. When I went back for Mates, he refused to pass or fail me as he said, 'I can now keep your ticket so you cant go back to sea and laugh at me. Come back next Friday at 1515, and don't speak to anyone but just study'. Went back as directed, he asked 11 question, signed the paper for the clerk and dismissed me. The bastered died before I could get Masters from him.

12th June 2017, 08:24
Greetings from Australia Colin good to get your memories of the dreaded Captain Wallace I was so pleased that I was able to sail as uncertified 3rd Mate before sitting for 2nd Mates again, can't remember who I passed orals with at my second attempt !!

Colin P Wood
12th June 2017, 09:11
I'm on the Clarence River in Northern NSW

12th June 2017, 19:07
I had Capt Wallace for mate and master. Lewis for 2nd mate.

I remember my orals with Wallace. No one in the place, except me. What a delightful ,homely atmosphere was that waiting room! After a while, I heard footsteps on the stairs and he appeared in the doorway, in black overcoat and homburg. He barked, "splitlink"? "Yessir"!
"Follow me"! and I followed him, like a little dog, up the stairs.

Afterwards he said, sourly, "you've passed your oral exam for Master. Take this slip to the clerk, upstairs".

13th June 2017, 06:23
Hi Colin, Thanks for the reply did not realise you were up in NSW !! Did you serve on the coast in Australia ?? Best wishes Frank