SS Abbot L. Mills [Liberty Ship]

27th July 2012, 18:12
My first passion or hobby for many, many years always been to research, gather info, pictures, and then compose a document on U.S. Merchant vessels this includes Liberty Ships,, Victory ships, and really anything in-between.... then post and share this document with whomever has an interest. There are many times that I stray from U.S. Shipping and post histories of other countries...but I always return to the U.S.

This then takes care, at least to some degree, my second passion of hobby writing about anything that has connection with the sea....namely U.S. Maritime/Nautical subject...including the U.S and British Navies.

So I'll try and post as many of these "Histories" as I can on here.Some have pics of the vessels, some do not....hopefully they can be of some use to the readers.

Here is one example: SS ABBOT L. MILLS (

If anyone wishes the "history" which is a .pdf to them...I'll be happy to do so...just furnish the address and the 'title' of history or article you wish to receive.

Bud Shortridge

[email protected]