chippy-DON McIVER

28th July 2012, 18:20
Now there was a tough man every one in the early 1960S would rember him, ALSObosun,Jock FLETT,lampie FRED JOHNSON,Yes they were my first P.O.s I ever sailed with.good men. one day in YOKOHAMA.very cold,us 3 deck boys 16 yearold would make a lot of noise ,not on we soon regreated,the chippy used to grunt you neverwould or could understand him he said thats it and took the door off to the cabin.we soon learned.dONT MESS WITH THE CHIPPPYThe best of him was one day barrie cavo,was serving the POs dinner well fetching their order from the GALLEY[DON Sc HULTZ,the pantry used to look after us [in a fashon]well cavo asked mr Mciver what he wanted,he said no starter just main course, with brocli spears,well thats what it sounded like ,so he said to mr Schultz,not sure of what the chippy wants.sounded like spears ,he said no, he wants pears and ice cream,so cavo asummed he knew ,so thats what he took him,
he was a funny eater anyway [chippy] we all heard the crash from the POs mess.he had threw the lot at cavo ,he ducked,it hit the cuboard and flew over the others,we still laugh now at it, and SCHULTZ new what was going to happen..

22nd August 2012, 13:47
I sailed with a Mciver on the Elpenor 2 trips in 1955 might have been the same guy also with a brian shultz who lived in morton, mac I think also lived birkenhead side regards tony

Pat Kennedy
22nd August 2012, 16:09
I went to school with Don McIver's son, also a very tough customer. I was always glad he was on our side playing rugby.
I never sailed with his dad though, although heard lots about him.