british antarctic survey vessels

30th July 2012, 18:33
What is the time on/off on these ships for the crew as they spend a fair chunk of the time well down south making crew rotation a tad difficult to say the least!

Captain Smurf
20th September 2012, 11:09
I believe trip lengths for ratings and junior officers is still 4 months, not sure about the leave though.

Ray Mac
20th September 2012, 18:57
Four on two off so I was told.

4th December 2012, 11:26
Its 4 months on / off, officially ratings earn about 11 days leave per month worked whilst Officers earn about 19. However, its easier to have everyone crew change at the same time. When your leave expires you are classed as being on'standby leave' and can be asked to attend training courses,pop up to the head office at Cambridge to help out or even rejoin your ship if needed. Normally you are left alone for the 4 months leave. You also remain on full pay for the period of leave (salary). BAS are nearly always on the look out for marine staff, check their current vacancies section of their website. The 4 months on/off only applies to the RRS James Clark Ross as the RRS Ernest Shackleton is on a 3 month on/off rotation whilst working South, and a 1 month on/off whilst in the North Sea on charter to oil companies (this is only during the summer). Hope this helps..