The Tale of the SS Blue Jacket

2nd August 2012, 17:20
I always have enjoyed a 'good' sea of those that the old salts set around a table, with there mug of 'Ale'....and swap tales they've encountered. How much of the stories are true, or how much has been added to 'dice' up the one will ever know.....but as the "Ale" slides down and the chat becomes intense....landlubbers that listen in.....sure do get an ear full. is one of those 'tales'....and it is 'all' true.....this tale, regardess of how much 'Ale' flowed, was not even diced up.

On 16 December 1943, the U. S. Flagged merchant vessel Blue Jacket, making just under 16 knots in over cast and misty weather and a brisk wind, plied through rolling swells toward her distination. With changing viability up to five miles, the lookouts kept a sharp watch for enemy U-boats. About 500 miles northeast of the Azores, one of the ship's armed guards, Seaman First Class Robert Edmonds, stationed at the 4-inch gun aft, spotted a read blinker light off the starboard quarter. His report to the bridge began one of the most unlikely and unusual surface engagements of World War II.

Now this article is not a 'long drawn out' page after page of story...only 5 or so if you'd care to give it a 'read'...along with sipping that cup of 'joe' and maybe finish up that last bite of muffin that has been just setting there inviting your attention...just click on this title: FRIEND OR FOE ( and give it a few minutes of your time....

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Bud Shortridge

2nd August 2012, 17:33
A truly amazing story, Stores,

2nd August 2012, 17:51
Thanks......I thought that as well in the research of the article.