I Have A Question For Y'all

6th August 2012, 18:49
At present I am working on an article of Naval Aviation History. Now the subject matter being "Naval"....[actually it is about the Flight of the NC-4 over the Atlantic].....I do not have it completed and probably will not be for several days.....but when completed is there a 'Forum' on this site to post that type of subject......or wouldn't it be proper to do so?

I'd appreciate any guidance on the above issue if at all possible....want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and respond if you can.

Thanks again.

6th August 2012, 19:05
Bud, sorry to see that you still haven't resolved the bold face issue - Ron Stringer has made a suggestion on your other post.
Would you not be better to put your NC-4 history into a Directory. You may want to send a PM to an admin to see if that is the best place, and how to create a Naval Aviation sub category.
Good luck!

6th August 2012, 19:24
Yes I do have the "BOLD" issue taken care of......so thanks to everyone getting me on the 'straight and narrow'.....

As far as the NC-4 history.......what you suggest may well be the answer. I've looked over the 'Directory' and I'm not all that sure I understand how to put all that together. Reason I was looking it over was to put a fair amount of 'Liberty/Victory as well as U.S. Merchants'.....but by reading about how to compose it reads as if it could be very involved in doing all of that.

But I'll take your idea and see what comes out of it.........I'll give it a try.

Thanks again for all your help

7th August 2012, 06:13
Now there's a good result for a day, Bud. Bold face is resolved, Admin has replied and you have a whole forum to yourself - excellent!

7th August 2012, 11:47
Well yes that was extremely nice of Admin to set that up...I really do appreciate that, but....yep there is a "but"....the "chief officer" SN is not all that happy about how I'm posting. As you know I post and leave a "link" to a "link"to the article or history. Andy seems to have difficulty with the link, I guess he had the impression I was going to compose the "history and/or article" in the compose window in "forums". Everyone seems ok of how I've been doing it...so this is the first time I've heard differently... I've asked Andy for suggestions so hopefully this can be resolved so as it is blessed by Admin.