Last Mystery Shipwreck

7th August 2012, 13:35
An explosive surprise attack by one of Japan’s new secret
weapons sent a U.S. auxiliary oiler to the bottom of Ulithi lagoon late
in WW II. This is the story of that horrific morning - captured in
dramatic photos by a storekeeper in a tugboat alongside - and of the
diligent efforts to find the “last mystery shipwreck.”

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9th August 2012, 15:36
Brilliant, the attachment works wll.


9th August 2012, 15:53
Yes .....I thought so as well. Thanks for your comment. I have many articles to post, as well as more will be coming up. But I save time out of my day to produce additional as well.

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John Rogers
9th August 2012, 16:55
Very smart move of the pilot using his prop to blow back the flames and to tow the sailors away from the burning ship.


9th August 2012, 17:11
I sure do agree John.....a split second decision...I was impressed

9th August 2012, 17:22
Thanks,great posting
Stuart H

9th August 2012, 17:47
Thank you.....for your comment...always appreciated.