The U-754's Attack: The Allegheny

7th August 2012, 14:00
This is somewhat of an interesting accounting of a German U-boat attacking barges and the tug. I don't know but I sure as heck wouldn't waste fire power to shoot at a barge of 'lumber'....anyway you can let your eyeballs dance over the words and see what you think.

The Allegheny's accounting of the attack has been attached.

Hope you enjoy

Hugh Ferguson
7th August 2012, 21:39
U.754's Kriegdagebuch records this attack on the Alleghany, Ontario & Barnegat as follows:-

31.03.1942 at 0808 (C.E.T.): U.754 griff einen Hochseeschlepper und drei Leichtermit Artillerie an. Der schlepper und zwei Leichter wurden versenkt, der dritte Leichter in Brand geschossen, dessen Sinken nicht beobachtet wurde.

The barges are recorded as Ontario (tug?) being 419+tons and the other two as each 914+tons.

John Rogers
7th August 2012, 21:49
The U-Boat skipper was adding to his tonnage collection that's all.

7th August 2012, 22:00
Yes I realize the 'tonnage issue'......but my opinion I think 'more important' tonnage would have been a wiser choice, but one thing for sure I was not in the skippers shoes.....

John Rogers
7th August 2012, 23:02
When Adm Donitz presented the number of Allied shipping sunk to Adolf it was the numbers that counted in order to receive their iron Cross.

In my humble opinion Donitz and Speer received a light sentence for their War Crimes at Nuremberg.


Hugh Ferguson
8th August 2012, 10:47
I think THIS ( five star rated thread would be of interest to you.

8th August 2012, 11:11
Hugh......What do you mean by a "five star rated thread?" I don't see any stars on my posting or thread.......or am I miss-reading your statement? If you can "enlighten" this old man....I would be delighted.


Hugh Ferguson
8th August 2012, 11:25
If you look Top Right, Bud, you will see a box headed "Rate Thread", all hands are invited to vote as to how they rate a thread: five star indicates, excellent! Click on the word THIS in post#6 to view the thread I made mention of.

( I've been awarded a modest few, such as my videos of Trinity House pilots, and Pilotage on the Hooghly River and one entitled, A Day Off In Kobe)

8th August 2012, 11:39
Ok.....I will take a look Hugh......thanks for explaining.....
Much appreciated

8th August 2012, 11:49
Hugh.....All I see is "thread tools, search this thread, rate thread".....I've clicked on all and there is no rating..... I guess I'm looking in the wrong place....

John Rogers
8th August 2012, 12:45
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8th August 2012, 12:57
Ok....thanks John. I see it now. After I put on my glasses, the world comes into view....(Pint)

John...enjoy your day