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7th August 2012, 14:27
Strictly an interim measure to counter the depredations of
Hitler’s U-boat, Great Britain’s valiant Merchant Aircraft Carriers nevertheless gave Allied convoys some semblance of air cover when most needed in the mid-Atlantic.

One of the strangest and least-known operations of WW II entailed using merchant ships for launching of aircraft for the protection of convoys in the Atlantic. Most Naval history buffs are aware that Navy escort carriers, built on hulls originally laid down for merchant ships, were used during the war to, among other things, provide air cover to convoys. However, few are aware that parallel to the development of escort carriers as purely combatant Naval vessels came the development of hybrid merchant aircraft carriers that were primarily cargo ships and only secondarily Naval auxiliaries and aircraft carriers.

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7th August 2012, 15:57
Oddly enough this concept was later revived under title ARAPHO (USA) or SCADS(Ship's Containerised Air Defence Systems)(UK)which helped to finance the (new)ATLANTIC CONVEYOR.All made possible with the "Harrier"

7th August 2012, 16:31
Wow!!!.....I didn't know that. Thanks for that info. Everytime I research an article I learn a ton....but I also learn much more when fellows such as yourself read and relate other valuable info. Actually that is the purpose of my stimulate discussion, on the subject.

Thanks for your input...always appreciated

16th August 2014, 02:10
good day cshortridge73,sm,7th aug ships with clout.#1.came across this interesting post.i was on minni carrier ww2.h,m.s patroler.hms reaper.both became merchant ships after the war and went on for 20 years,thanks for posting.regards ben27

16th August 2014, 03:59
Bud, I recall reading that the Matson Line post war passenger vessels 'Monterey' and 'Mariposa' were both laid down as hulls to become fleet escort aircraft carriers but the war end saw them completed as merchant ships.
They were good looking ships that graced the Auckland harbour in the 1950's and beyond.