A Demo of the "Mark-48 Torpedo"

8th August 2012, 17:50

On Monday June 14, 1999 the Australian Collins class submarine, HMAS Farncomb, fired a Mark-48
war-shot torpedo at the 28 year old former Destroyer Escort TORRENS.

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NOTE:....I have a "video" of the above....I have 'uploaded' this video into the "TV & Video" section of this site....if you would care to view...click on this title "MARK 48 TORPEDO DEMONSTRATION (http://shipsnostalgia.tv/action/viewvideo/2480/)"

8th August 2012, 18:49
When was the Mark 48 first used Bud?

John Cassels
8th August 2012, 19:22
And which war ?.

8th August 2012, 19:34
Designed in the 1960's and replaced the MK-37 later on....but actually the MK-48 Mod 4 was put into service in 1988

8th August 2012, 23:07
Thanks Bud, the reason why I asked is that in one of my shed's I have a Torpedo/Gunsight off a Grumman Avenger made by the Spencer Lens Company of Buffalo, New York.

8th August 2012, 23:11
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....that sure sounds interesting.... By the way I have a video of that same event, and it sure brings home the damage that it can cause......it is not as clear as the 'still's' but if anyone wishes it....I can send it....or I can put it on here as an attachment if y'all want it place on here.

Sounds like you might have something worth some money!!!

8th August 2012, 23:26
The sight is kept well out of the way as I suspect the undamaged reflector bowl under the glass is painted white and most probably Radion, I would be very obliged if you could find any more info on this particular sight. Information is very scarce over here as I understand the RN took that particular sight off and used the sight they were more familiar with which was also the same as fitted to the Swordfish. It should be Buffalo, New Jersey.