Ben Line Models

Keith Park
10th August 2012, 15:02
I see that a company in UK has built a model of Benvrackie and Bendoran. They look very good.
Classic Ship Models

Union Jack
10th August 2012, 15:49
Which reminds me to ask, does anyone know which was the ship model that used to sit in the window of the North St David's Street Office in Edinburgh, together with the little board indicating the location of each ship, and where did the model end up, please?


jg grant
10th August 2012, 22:32
Hi Jack, yes I remember it well, on another thread somewhere. I used to get the tram into town just to look at the Ben line window and then off up the bridges to Chambers street museum to look at more ships and trains. As to where they are now, Glasgow has a maritime museum or maybe they ended up in private hands. Regards from NZ. Ronnie