North Atlantic & The Liberty Ships

10th August 2012, 20:55
This article has been on the drawing board for me to do for a long time....and I knew it was going to be a long I guess that is why I hedged to get it started.
The article has tons of data woven into well as details of some Liberties that didn’t make it across on there convoys. So I’d say if your into ‘merchant ships....of which ‘Liberty’s were considered a ‘merchant’...and the seamen that made it all happen....this one is for you...

By far the greater proportion of Allied wartime voyages were made across the North Atlantic and in the waters adjacent to it, and Liberty voyages were no exception to the rule. It was in these waters that Admiral Doenitz ordered his greatest concentration of Uboats in the knowledge that Britain, the main recipient of the cargoes carried across ‘the bridge of ships’, was the key to final victory of one side or the other. It follows that more Allied ship losses were sustained in that ocean than in any other, and that includes Liberty ships. The total
number of Liberties lost during the war, from all causes including those not involving enemy action and on all oceans, was 215. Of those ninety-seven were lost in North Atlantic waters including the Caribbean, the Arctic route to North Russia, and in the waters around the British Isles and northern France. In comparison, forty-one Liberties were lost in the Mediterranean, thirty-six in the Pacific, twenty-four in the Indian Ocean, and seventeen in the South Atlantic.
Overall, something of the order of one in four of the Liberty ships that were lost were on their maiden voyages. Liberty ship operations to North Russia and in European waters, are really deserving of future articles to themselves. This article concentrates on the North Atlantic convoy routes and the Caribbean.

This is a long article.....hope it is interesting to you.

10th August 2012, 22:16
great stories bud, amazing Ships the Liberties. never sailed on one, sadly, was aboard one once in Pireaus, one of my favourite ship types, STORES.

10th August 2012, 22:37
Interesting info Bud and thanks for the posting, the Corvette "Aconit" survived the War and went on to be the "Terja X1" in 1948. If the 3rdWW had started we would have had to rely on the laid up Liberty's again to form the Atlantic Bridge.

stan mayes
11th August 2012, 00:41
Many thanks Bud - they were fine ships.
I sailed in two Liberty ships - Sampep MOWT Houlder Bros.managers and
City of Ely ex Samarina of Ellerman Line.
They were the only ships I sailed in with seamens accomodation amidships
until I became a Bosun in 1947 with a cabin amidships.
Without the Liberty ships during WW2 we would have all been in 'dire straits'!!

11th August 2012, 01:32
Thanks for your comment Stan, much, much appreciated. I have a lot more info on the "Liberty & Victory" ships that I have not such article is so titled "Liberty ship and her crews"....there is two parts to it...very lengthy....first part is about the U.S. crews...the second, of which I have not finished as yet, is about the British crews.... In my opinion this is an extremely informative article...I hope to have "Part II" completed sometime in the fall of the year... In the mean time I have info I'm going to complete and post on all the "shipyards" that built the Liberty ships....this is an undertaking that will be somewhat lengthy as well. So there are many, many things to complete, and many, many articles that is complete that I have not posted as of yet...but I will "God willing"....

Again...I really do appreciate your comments.

Hugh Ferguson
11th August 2012, 21:14
Rosie the Riveter A tribute to the women who helped build them.
Click HERE ( to view the first of 4 episodes in War Footage file.

11th August 2012, 23:31
Well guys you all are what keeps these ole nimble fingers beating this keyboard. I really do appreciate your comments....and my purpose of putting these articles and histories on here is to "generate" discussion....and also to offer what little I have knowledge on to offer it to whomever can use it or become enlightened by it.

Thanks again for "ALL" the comments y'all have made.... I have more so it all will be posted as soon as I can get time to do it.

Thanks again(Thumb)