Kratos B.C.

17th August 2012, 15:52

Before Christ came Kratos, a man of many seas but only one ocean. A tumultuous ocean. An ocean where Hades was the pirate, and no martyr nor muse could stand in his way. Yet Kratos rose, oh yes. He rose out of the Aegean salt, from the land of the Mastik tree. He fought, he battled. He saw the sliver of light through the oak decking that was Hades' darkness. He bilge-pumped and he anchored. From Siros to Singapore, from Glyfada to Gillingham, from Rafina to Rajasthan they spoke of this great warrior. Like a kombaloy he knocked Hades' ships against each other until one by one they fell. Greece, the land of the glorious, that had fallen into disarray, was once again able to stand, proud and permanent at the altar of the highest Gods. Once again, the blue of its seas sparkled and the white of its houses glimmered and danced against its waves.

I now call for this man, mighty Kratos. I call to the far corners of this Earth. Show yourself, even if by the most modern of means. Show your face, even if only by the powers of satellite and visual technology. Free us once again from our oh so miserable plight.