Gulf of Mexico's 'Sea of Lost Ships!'

20th August 2012, 01:59
Long known as the breeding ground of vicious hurricanes and deadly storms, the Gulf of Mexico harbors more than its share of the wrecks of its victims. While may of these lost ships have laid undetected for decades, and even centuries, the marvels of modern sea search technology and the unceasing explorations of the Gulfs bottom by the petroleum industry explorations of the Gulf’s bottom by the petroleum industry have combined to reveal the presence and exact location of many long-lost ships. Within the last few years alone, several new wreck sites have been discovered in what is regarded as the Gulf’s deeper waters (more than a
1,000-ft). Among these wrecks is a mysterious copper sheathed vessel at 2,650-ft and a WW II wreck deeper than 5,000 ft,

This is pretty darn interesting....a divers dream as I'm sure it is. In the article is a map of the Gulf...showing all the sunken will not believe your eyes on is simply "Awesome!!!"
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Hope you enjoy the article

20th August 2012, 02:31
WOW! Thats amazing just how many there are. Thanks for sharing that with us Bud.

20th August 2012, 03:39
The passengers on the Titanic got a full orchestra playing while they sank, all these poor sods got was a Bermuda Triangle!

John T